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Focus on Strengthening

Focus on Strengthening

The KPCC Road to Success: Over Forty Thousand Property Cases Adjudicated
Final session of the Kosovo Property Claims Commission, KPCC, was held on 16 December in order to resolve the remaining registered property claims...
EULEX Facilitates Training on New
Techniques for Vulnerable Victims
Last week, EULEX in partnership with the UK Police Crime Trainers from Humberside and South Yorkshire...
One Person, One Record
Before the handover of the certified copies of original civil and religious registry books of birth...
Searching for the missing – a decade after!
Searching for the missing after an armed conflict is often a painful, complicated and time-consuming process.
"We are happy that we can make someone else happy"
EULEX has donated approximately 4.460 emergency rations packs to the Red Cross in Kosovo.

Nothing to declare? Think again!

The plane from Istanbul landed at Pristina International Airport and eager passengers rushed to find their bags...

Allegations of Corruption against EULEX are being pursued vigorously

Head of EULEX, Gabriele Meucci, together with the Acting Head of EU Office in Kosovo, Tom Gnocchi...

Head of EULEX meets key partners in Kosovo

Today, Head of EULEX, Gabriele Meucci held introductory meetings with his principal interlocutors in Kosovo.

EULEX donates vehicles to Mitrovica Detention Centre

Today, at the Mitrovica Basic Court in Mitrovica North EULEX handed over 13 vehicles to the Kosovo Correctional Services.

Administrative Instruction signed between EULEX and SPRK

Jaroslava Novotna, Chief EULEX Prosecutor and Syle Hoxha, Acting Chief State Prosecutor signed an Administrative Instruction

Debate on Transitional Justice held on northern Mitrovica

What happens when six young people from different parts of former Yugoslavia take a trip

A day in the life of Alban Ragg

EULEX Deputy head of EULEX's Executive Division, Alban Ragg, explains his daily work and challenges he faces while doing his job in Kosovo.

Towards true gender equality!

A human rights and gender expert with a diploma from the Law Faculty in Pristina, Violeta Rexha

Crossing Points operating in the spirit of IBM

In the context of the implementation of the IBM agreement, the chair of IBM Implementation Group Bernd Thran, accompanied by EULEX senior staff...