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International Vacancies

Extraordinary 2-2019 Call for Contributions for EULEX KOSOVO

Deadline for application: Friday 3 May 2019 at 17:00 hours (Brussels time)

Job description can be found here Annex 1

Privacy statement CMPD Missions 

Applications must be submitted to:

1 - For seconded candidates by EU Member States: Please contact your responsible national authority and submit your applications to https://goalkeeper.eeas.europa.eu/registrar/

2 - For contracted candidates from EU Member States: https://goalkeeper.eeas.europa.eu/registrar/DPA/357/details.do

3 - For seconded and contracted candidates from Contributing Third States: Please complete the latest published Annex 2  Application Form and submit it through your National Authorities to cpcc.eulexkosovo@eeas.europa.eu