EULEX’s Forensic Anthropologist and Acting Head of the Forensic Medicine Team interview for TV Dukagjini

11 November 2023

On 11 November, TV Dukagjini aired an interview with the EULEX’s Forensic Anthropologist and Acting Head of EULEX Forensic Medicine Team, Dr. Luísa Marinho, about the identification of human remains following exhumations conducted on 9 November together with the Kosovo Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM) in Prekaz, Skenderaj/Srbica municipality, in efforts to determine the fate of missing persons.

Marinho explained the complexity of the process of identification of human remains where there are different lines of evidence that need to be taken into account. She further clarified that after the samples of the human remains are collected at IFM, they are sent for DNA analysis, to be compared with the database of DNA profiles of the family members of missing persons.

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