EULEX Press Releases

EULEX Press Releases

Verdict in extortion case

07 February 2012

7 February 2012, Pristina

Today, a mixed panel of a EULEX judge and two Kosovo judges at the District Court of Gjilan/Gnjilane found the defendants B.T. and N.T. guilty of the criminal offence of Extortion committed in co-perpetration in violation of Article 267, paragraph 1 in conjunction of Article 23, of the Criminal Code of Kosovo.

The defendant B.T. was sentenced to three years of imprisonment, whilst the defendant N.T. was sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

On 29th April 2011, the defendants, father and son, seriously threatened the injured party by demanding 20.000 euro’s. During the day, they were both under the surveillance of Kosovo Police. When the defendant N.T. obtained the sum of money from the office of the injured party, he was arrested. The other defendant managed to escape but was later arrested.

The case was prosecuted by a EULEX prosecutor from Kosovo’s Special Prosecution Office. The parties may appeal within 15 days from the date they are served with the judgement in writing.