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EULEX response to allegations of wrongdoing in regards to exhumations

30 April 2015

The Media published incorrect reports on the 28 and 29 of April in regards to the exhumation in Llaushë/Lauša village. They stated that the “wrong” gravesites were exhumed. In response, EULEX reiterates that every exhumation is carried out based on a judicial order, this time signed off by the SPRK Chief Prosecutor.

Moreover, an exhumation cannot be “right” or “wrong” per se, as the results of any exhumation cannot be determined beforehand.  All exhumations depend on final forensic findings. Sometimes excavations have to be carried out, but reveal no wrongdoing or do not discover any relevant evidence. Still, it is necessary for the exhumations to be carried out to establish certainty of facts for the families and relatives of the deceased. 


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