EULEX donates vehicles and equipment to the the Leposavić/Leposaviq Fire Station

22 August 2019

On 21 August EULEX AHOM Bernd Thran handed over as a donation former EULEX vehicles and equipment to the Leposavić/Leposaviq Fire Station Brigade Commander, Mr. Rade Simic.
Four vehicles, vehicle tools and radio equipment were part of this donation that was received today from the Leposavic Fire Station Brigade in the presence of the Leposavić/Leposaviq Mayor, Zoran Todic.

Commander Simic remarked that “For us this donation is crucial, since Leposavic is one of the biggest Kosovo municipalities, including large forested areas where often fires occur during the summer season. So these vehicles will be used for fire rescue intervention as well as other needs as required. Many thanks to EULEX for this crucial support and I hope to continue our cooperation in the future as well”.

“I am very happy to donate this equipment to the Fire Station in Leposavic,. This donation will allow for the people in this municipality to receive quick assistance when needed and I trust that the local authorities will make the best use of it.
Mr Thran added: “EULEX is always happy to provide its surplus equipment to the various institutions in Kosovo but foremost these donations are for the people, no matter where they are in Kosovo.”