“Speak up on Time” campaign school lectures begin

24 September 2019

A series of educational lectures on the “Speak up on Time” campaign against sexual violence took place in the last ten days in one elementary and two high schools in Pristina. An Institute of Forensic Medicine team together with Kosovo Police and EULEX representatives delivered the first lectures to school children on the importance of biological evidence preservation in sexual violence cases.

Dr. Bergita Curri, Forensic Medicine specialist, explained to the school children what sexual violence is and the possible situations that expose vulnerable categories to the risk of being a victim of sexual violence. Dr. Curri also explained what biological evidence is and how to preserve it in sexual violence cases.

The Kosovo Police representatives focused on the steps the police is undertaking to protect sexual violence victims and provided information to the students on how to act and who to contact if they or someone they know are a victim of sexual violence.

The school children showed a high interest on this pressing topic by asking the speakers many insightful questions.

These lectures are just the beginning of a Kosovo-wide educational campaign, which will include 32 elementary and high schools, and will last until mid-2020.