EULEX Acting Head of Mission Attends MSU Change of Command

16 October 2019

EULEX’s Acting Head of Mission, Mr. Bernd Thran, attended the Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU) Change of Command Ceremony in which Colonel Paolo Pelosi took over from Colonel Ruggiero Capodivento.
The ceremony was led by Commander General of the Carabinieri Force, Lieutenant General Giovanni Nistri, and was also attended by KFOR Commander, Major General Lorenzo D’Addario.

“It is an honor and a privilege to attend today’s ceremony, also an opportunity to meet Colonel Paolo, a friend I know from Brussels – I wish him a warm welcome to Kosovo ,” said Mr. Thran.

Mr. Thran attended the event alongside the Acting Deputy Head of Mission, Cezary Luba, where they observed the change of command of the Multinational Specialized Unit.