Justice in 1 minute!

24 February 2012

The first episode of the Justice in 1 minute TV series will be broadcast on RTK, Monday 26 February at peak time hours (before and/or after the news).

The EULEX Press and Public Information Office, in association with EULEX Justice Component, launched a public outreach campaign to increase awareness about the way justice functions.

The campaign includes a TV series with 50 episodes that present justice at large, starting from a philosophical point of view, and then practically how the justice system works.  The episodes are very short (one minute only), broadcast at peak time hours, they will be repeated 4 times per day, giving a chance for everyone to see it.

How does the current system work? Who are the actors of justice? What happens between a pre-trial detention and a verdict? What does the justice system do for me? How are laws made and who controls their drafting? In what way is corruption harming my future and the society I live in?
This TV series will answer all of these questions and will look at how the justice system developed historically, what institutions administer justice, how investigations and trials proceed, and what rights you have as an individual.

According to Francoise Lambert, Deputy Head of the EULEX Press Office, the program is based on the understanding that a great majority of the general public is not sufficiently aware of the way justice system functions, until it actually has to deal with it. 

“Kosovo’s justice system is still in the process of development. Progress and positive achievements have been made during the past few years, but much still needs to be done. Many people still lack genuine access to justice”, says Lambert.

In addition to this “Justice in a Minute” episodes, the EULEX Press and Public Information Office will release short TV adverts raising questions about people’s rights in all areas touching on daily issues and another series of TV adverts providing the answer to these questions.
These Questions & Answers will also be produced in the form of leaflets to be distributed in public offices, NGOs, Member States embassies, partner international organisations,…and in city billboards throughout Kosovo.

The overall objective of this campaign is to reach out to the general public with a general interest topic, foster interest in rule of law and the understanding that law is a remarkable power for good, encourage the desire in people to serve their justice system and denounce corruption, as corruption is the one thing that destroys the faith in a legal system and jeopardizes the future. A modern democracy requires a modern justice system. A system that functions efficiently, and one that people can trust in.