EULEX Head of Mission: Freedom of Movement for the benefit of everyone

22 October 2011

EULEX Head of Mission Xavier de Marnhac today met community representatives from northern Kosovo at the EU House in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica North together with COMKFOR Major General Erhard Drews. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss about Freedom of Movement as a basic principle according to EU standards.

Freedom of Movement should be quickly re-established by removing roadblocks for the sake of the local population and the international presences, including KFOR and EULEX.

This is a prerequisite for improving Rule of Law in the interest of everyone all over Kosovo including in northern Kosovo.

After the meeting, Mr. de Marnhac said:

“We expect the freedom of movement to be re-established for everyone so that people can go about their normal daily lives without restrictions. People want freedom of movement and the rule of law. Those who put up the roadblocks should bring them down. This is also expected by all Member States of the European Union.

“It was a good and constructive meeting with exchange of the respective positions.

“EULEX will continue to work with KFOR to ensure that the basic principle of freedom of movement will apply without further delay.”