Interviewing witnesses: MMA in practice

24 August 2011

The major part of work carried out by the EULEX Rule of Law mission is monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA) the local institutions. This work can take many forms in the justice, police and customs fields.

One good example of how MMA can be of real, practical use is being developed in Prizren. The EULEX prosecutor is leading a series of workshops and seminars which look at different areas of prosecutorial work.

One of these is the process by which witnesses in cases are interviewed. The key challenge is how to integrate local knowledge and traditions with the implementation of internationally-accepted standards.

EULEX prosecutor, Cezary Michalczuk and his office have designed a programme for both district and municipal prosecutors for specific, technical topics such as interception of telecommunication, international legal assistance and confiscation. Ideas and techniques are exchanged between the EULEX prosecutors and the Kosovo prosecutors.

The most recent seminar led by Cezary and a EULEX legal officer, Roma Kessaram, looked at witness interviewing.