Andy Sparkes visited Gates 1 and 31

08 August 2011

On 8 August Andy Sparkes, Acting Head of EULEX, visited Gates 1 and 31. The Gates are currently militarized zones, KFOR is in the lead and EULEX maintains a presence at both Gates.

EULEX staff at the Gates briefed Andy Sparkes about the situation which remains calm, but still fragile. Sparkes expressed his full support for EULEX staff and KFOR, whose role it is to ensure peace, stability, and freedom of movement in the north.

EULEX has deployed a robust number of police patrols in Mitrovica to ensure personal safety for all residents, particularly in the multi-ethnic areas.

Currently there are ongoing investigations into the murder of the Kosovo Police officer, other serious incidents of attempted murder of KP officers with the use of firearms, causing general danger through the use of an explosive device thrown at a KP convoy and serious incidents relating to Gates 1 and 31. These investigations are at the evidence gathering stage. The investigations are being conducted jointly by EULEX and Kosovo Police, led by EULEX prosecutors.