Agreement which improves the quality of justice

24 June 2010


EULEX judges and prosecutors and the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates signed an agreement to improve the quality of the organisation of the main trials in criminal matters. The agreement was prepared by a EULEX judge, a EULEX prosecutor and members of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates.
The President of EULEX Judges Maria Giuliana Civinini emphasised that all parties present at the trial –judges, prosecutors and lawyers - must make a common effort to increase the quality of trials and, through this, the quality of the judicial system as a whole.

Musa Dragusha, the president of Kosovo Chamber of Advocates said that the new framework will help to make criminal proceedings more effective, introducing more detailed best practices.

Johannes van Vreeswijk, acting chief EULEX prosecutor added that fairness and efficiency in justice have to go together. The aim is to make trials faster and better in the future because that benefits everyone.

The agreement is a part of the general technical agreement signed by EULEX judges and Kosovo Chamber of Advocates on 6 December 2009.