“This is local ownership”

23 October 2009

On Friday 23rd October, the Chief Prosecutor and his Prosecutor colleagues from Pejë/Peć District Court met with EULEX in order to close the consultation phase aimed at identifying the way forward for the future joint activities (MMA Action Fiches).

EULEX Judges and Prosecutors, EULEX Kosovo Judicial Council and EULEX Correction Unit advisors successfully concluded their consultation rounds with Kosovo counterparts in all regions. The agreement on MMA Action Fiches marks the full buy-in to the recommendations issued to the Kosovo Judiciary last July through the EULEX Programme Report.

The recommendations made in the EULEX Programme Report included, among others, measures to enhance the objective selection process and merit based promotion of Kosovo Judges and Prosecutors, the Case Management Information System, Case allocation system and Prisoner Classification. During the intense consultation process Kosovo counterparts provided constructive inputs as to how implement such measures and address the weaknesses. This is local ownership!

Click here to read the EULEX Programme Report