Professional work in Special Intervention Unit

12 October 2009

During a visit to Kosovo Police’s Special Intervention Unit in Kishnicë/Kišnica Yves de Kermabon expressed his admiration for the hard work this unit is doing in fighting organised crime and other serious crimes to the benefit of all people in Kosovo.

The SIU demonstrated for HoM, The Minister of Internal Affairs Zenun Pajaziti, the General Director of KP, Sheremet Ahmeti and representatives of the media different scenarios corresponding to events in which this unit is being deployed. The KP SIU, which contains of approximately 35 officers, has been operational for about 2,5 years and EULEX is assisting its work through the presence of five EULEX monitors who work side by side with their KP counterparts in an integrated manner. After the visit to Kishnicë/Kišnica HoM continued to Gračanica/Graçanicë where he, together with Sheremet Ahmeti, visited the police station and was welcomed by its commander Nebojša Popovic. Popovic told the visitors that KP has good cooperation with EULEX both on station- and regional level. The return of the K- Serb KP officers went excellent and Popovic thanked EULEX for their good advice and support that helped in making this a reality.