EULEX Correctional Unit delivers a workshop for the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo

05 May 2021

After identifying an increase in the number of prisoners with mental health issues in Kosovo, EULEX’s Correctional Advisor Linda Salenmo and Correctional Monitor Dirk Stubbe developed a tailored workshop to equip Kosovo’s correctional officers with knowledge and skills on how to recognize and support these prisoners

Since last February, they have delivered sixteen workshops, whereby 160 Kosovo Correctional Service officers were trained. In the next months, around 220 Kosovo Correctional Service officers are expected to complete these workshops.

Due to the success of this initiative, the Correctional Unit was approached by the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo in order to have its team trained in this specific area.

While the Kosovo Ombudsperson team is especially focused on the social aspects of mentally-ill behaviors, it saw this EULEX-designed training as an excellent opportunity to expand its knowledge in this critical area for the well-being of inmates and to deepen its cooperation with Mission’s experts. Seven team members of the Kosovo Ombudsperson from various medical and legal backgrounds attended the EULEX Correctional Unit’s workshop on mentally-ill behavior among prisoners.

The trainees received information and know-how on how to identify, react to and interact with inmates with deviant behavior.