Meet Heidi Heggdal, a Norwegian judge who joined EULEX’s Case Monitoring Unit

28 April 2022

Heidi Heggdal has recently joined EULEX as Mobile Justice Monitor in the Mission’s Case Monitoring Unit. She spoke about her new career path to the Norwegian website “Juristen”, which is managed by the Norwegian Association of Lawyers.

“I learn something new every single day and I find the work both interesting and rewarding,” says Heidi, who is the only Norwegian in EULEX, as well as the only staff member coming from a Third Contributing Country.

For the past 22 years, Heidi has been a judge in the Oslo District Court, whereas in EULEX she monitors criminal cases and reports on major systemic issues in cooperation with EULEX’s police monitors.

Together with her colleagues, Heidi covers all Kosovo courts so she travels across Kosovo and she monitors hearings to identify problematic issues and offer recommendations.

Full version of the article in Norwegian is available here: Dommer Heidi Heggdal reiser til Kosovo som retts­observatør: - Må vite hvor du skal lete etter utenlands­jobbene | Juristen