EULEX hosts a group of police officers from Germany

29 April 2022

A group of eleven police officers from Germany visited the headquarters of EULEX to learn more about the mandate of the Mission.

The visitors were greeted by the EULEX Spokesperson, Donika Berisha Rizaj who gave a presentation of the EULEX mandate, focusing on specific activities shown through short videos that at times speak louder than words. The visitors were very interested to know whether the Kosovo public perceives EULEX differently now compared to the time when the Mission had an executive mandate.

The achievements and challenges of the Mission were insightfully explained by EULEX’s Chief of Staff, Mathias Zander, whereas the work of EULEX’s Case Monitoring Unit was explained by the Chief of Unit, Hubert van Eck Koster.

The visitors were interested to know more about EULEX’s robust monitoring of Kosovo’s justice system and about the opinion of the Kosovo counterparts about the Mission’s recommendations to improve Kosovo’s justice system, which are included in EULEX’s Justice Monitoring Reports.