EULEX Spokesperson gives an interview to ABC News Albania on the Mission’s engagement in northern Kosovo

24 October 2022

The Head of EULEX’s Press and Public Information Office and Spokesperson, Ioanna Lachana, gave an interview to ABC News Albania, which was aired on 21 October.

During the interview, Lachana elaborated on EULEX’s engagement in northern Kosovo and the Mission’s readiness to do what is needed to support the stability of Kosovo and contribute to the security of its population.

The full statement is available below:

“EULEX remains vigilant, and we are closely monitoring all developments which may impact Kosovo’s security, as well as the security of all peoples in Kosovo. Currently, the security situation in northern Kosovo is calm, but tense. Our Formed Police Unit, which consists of 105 police officers, carries out daily reconnaissance patrols in northern Kosovo to increase our situational awareness. As Kosovo’s second security responder, we also maintain close coordination with the Kosovo Police and with KFOR, Kosovo’s first and third security responder, respectively. If requested by the Kosovo Police, we stand ready to act as a second security responder to help deescalate tensions and protect everyone from any threats - no matter their ethnicity, age, or gender. Our ‘Quick Reaction Force’ is on standby 24 hours a day in Mitrovica and has a response time of 15 minutes. If needed, the Mission can also deploy a Reserve Formed Police Unit to enhance its forces on the ground and its operational capacity. To test operational readiness and ensure coordination of all security responders, EULEX, KFOR and the Kosovo Police also conduct regular joint exercises. The safety of women, men, girls, and boys from all communities in Kosovo is EULEX’s key priority and we will do what is needed to support the stability of Kosovo and contribute to the security of its population.”

Watch the interview: