Sharing experience and knowledge, 24 July

25 July 2014

24 July 2014

On 24 July, Thomas Guetlein EULEX PSD Advisor held a presentation for the Kosovo Police senior management on the topic "Compatibility of family and profession – from the perspective of the personnel management".


The aim of presentation was to share experiences and knowledge with senior management of Kosovo Police for the importance of taking friendly measures and taking into consideration the needs of women and male working within the police. By taking friendly measures like flexible working hours and shifts, part time job, equal opportunity for training also during maternity /parental leave is an essential part of attracting more women to and retaining them in the police.

During the presentation, EULEX PSD Advisor stated that taking friendly measures from the perspective of the management in one organization is not for welfare purposes but at the end is for having good and professional police institutions which is crucial in responding security threats of all citizen in a society.