EULEX and NGO Center for Innovation and Development support transparency in judicial reporting through the production of a series of reportages on rule-of-law issues

11 March

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), together with the NGO Center for Innovation and Development, are helping raise awareness among the public towards justice institutions in Kosovo through the small-scale project titled “Improving Transparency in Judicial Reporting”, which envisages the production of a series of feature stories on different rule-of-law topics.

On 11 March, the Mission’s partner NGO Center for Innovation and Development published the first feature story: a reportage on the work of the Kosovo Correctional Service to rehabilitate and empower women serving their sentence at the Lipjan/Lipljan Correctional Center.

The reportage, which was also broadcast by Kosovo’s news agency Kosova Press, focused on the importance of providing working opportunities to persons who are serving their sentence to foster rehabilitation and prevent recidivism.

The story also featured an interview with the Chief of EULEX’s Correctional unit, Ritva Vähäkoski, who explained the work of the Mission to support the Kosovo Correctional Service’s efforts towards this common goal.

Under the same project, EULEX will support the production of five additional feature stories.

Full reportage at:​Puna bën të mos e ndiejnë fort burgun, gratë në Lipjan të interesuara për më shumë trajnime - KosovaPress