EULEX Head of Mission’s interview with Deutsche Welle on the security situation in northern Kosovo

27 May 2023

On 27 May, Deutsche Welle aired a live interview with the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, who commented on the recent security developments in northern Kosovo and emphasized the monitoring role of the Mission.

“We would urge anyone to act in a prudent manner, in a calm manner, to avoid any violence, any threat, and to de-escalate the situation that, yesterday, unfortunately, spun out of control in one municipality in northern Kosovo,” the Head of EULEX said, adding that: “A long-term solution can only be found through dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina that also involves the local population, the Kosovo Serbs.”

Wigemark also reiterated that the Mission is monitoring the situation on the ground through its police advisors and its Formed Police Unit and Reserve Formed Police Unit, who conduct reconnaissance patrols, in coordination with KFOR and the Kosovo Police.

Watch the interview at (2:41):