Searching for the missing: Deputy Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Javier Naranjo Santana, interviewed by Al Jazeera

08 June 2023

In an interview for Al Jazeera aired on 8 June, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine and EULEX forensic archeologist, Javier Naranjo Santana, explained how challenging the process of identifying potential clandestine graves of missing persons is.

“The more time passes, the way people farm, they build houses, they build roads, the more difficult it is [to find missing persons]. Also, the memory of people fails as well. It is one the problems. It is difficult to remember what you saw 23 years ago. So, you may remember the event, but you may not remember the actual location of the event,” Santana said.

Since the beginning of its mandate, EULEX experts have conducted 736 field operations to locate missing persons, including 198 exhumations. The remains of 491 individuals have been identified, including 339 missing persons.

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