EULEX Donation to the Institute of Forensic Medicine Helps Increase Safety and Prevent Biological Contamination

08 August 2023

On 8 August, the Head of Mission of the European Union rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Giovanni Pietro Barbano, handed over to the Acting Director General of the Kosovo Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM), Dr. Ditor Haliti, IT equipment, furniture for the anthropology lab and biohazardous waste bins.

The donated items will support the IFM’s staff in the separation and collection of hazardous waste, thus helping increase the safety of the working environment, as well as diminish the risks of environmental pollution by biological contaminants.

On the occasion of the donation, Dr. Haliti gave a tour of the facility to Barbano, presenting the complex work of the IFM, with a particular focus on the efforts to determine the fate of missing persons, highlighting the important contribution to these efforts given by EULEX’s experts.

The donation was part of the ongoing support of EULEX to the IFM, and, in particular it will complement the work done in the past months in raising awareness among professionals of the risks of biological contamination and in promoting best practices and procedures to prevent the cross contamination of evidence by biological contaminants.