EULEX’s 13th Annual Blood Donation Campaign to Support the National Blood Transfusion Centre

09 August 2023

On 8 August, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) organized its 13th Blood Donation Campaign, when 29 EULEX staff members, including the Head of Mission of EULEX, Giovanni Pietro Barbano, voluntarily donated blood to support the National Blood Transfusion Centre, which is currently facing a shortage of blood supply.

This activity was the continuation of a longstanding cooperation between the EULEX Medical Unit and the Blood Bank of Kosovo, and, as the Chief of EULEX Medical Unit, Dr. Cristina Anghelescu, explains, these campaigns are not only helping contribute to the blood supplies of hospitals in Kosovo, but they are also raising awareness of such an important, lifesaving gesture: “By setting a good example, these campaigns can build a culture of voluntary blood donation,” she said.

Thanking the Mission for its support, the Blood Transfusion Specialist at the National Blood Transfusion Centre, Dr. Jeton Zenuni, pointed out that donating blood means that someone may receive a second chance to life: “By donating blood, you can save a friend, family member, a loved one. Donating blood doesn’t cost anything, but it saves lives,” he emphasized.

On the occasion of the blood donation, the Head of EULEX was also given a detailed tour of the Medical Unit, where he got the chance to see how the Mission’s medical team provides primary emergency and medical support for EULEX staff members.