EULEX Hosts over 50 Students from University of Groningen, University of Salento and University of Westminster

24 April

During the month of April 2024, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) had the pleasure to host over 50 students interested in understanding the work of the Mission.

On 15 April, 30 students from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands were welcomed by the EULEX’s Mission Analytical Capability Analyst, Sara Barbieri, who gave a thorough presentation of the Mission’s mandate, from its establishment in 2008 to date.

The students were eager to know details of how the mandate changed throughout the years. In particular, the questions revolved around EULEX’s role as a second security responder alongside the Kosovo Police and KFOR, justice integration and today’s robust monitoring role.

On 22 April, the EULEX Local Spokesperson, Donika Berisha Rizaj, briefed 10 students from the University of Salento, in Brindisi, Italy about the work of the Mission, the environment it works in, and the main achievements reached so far.  

On 24 April, 13 International Relations students from the University of Westminster in UK visiting Kosovo as part of a study visit organized by the Kosovo Center of Diplomacy, were welcomed by the EULEX Press and Public Information Officer, Elisabetta Iurcev, who introduced the mandate and complex work of the Mission, discussing with the students the main achievements and challenges faced by EULEX over the years.