EULEX Head of Mission meets representatives of the Missing Persons Resource Centre

14 February 2018

Yesterday, EULEX Head of Mission Ms. Alexandra Papadopoulou met with the Missing Persons Resource Centre (MPRC) co-chairs, Mr.Bajram Qerkini and Mr. Milorad Trifunović, at the EULEX Headquarters in Pristina. EULEX subject matter experts were also present.

The Missing Persons Resource Centre, an NGO established in March 2017, is focused on coordinating the activities of the families of missing persons in Kosovo in their quest to shed light on the fate of their loved ones. The Centre is supported by UNMIK.

EULEX has been contributing to Kosovo’s search for the missing with a team of forensic experts who work in the Institute of Forensic Medicine within the Kosovo Ministry of Justice. Their  efforts to help local authorities determine the fate of the missing are ongoing.  In parallel, over the past years, EULEX has been training the local field team to conduct site assessments and exhumations.