Students from Germany and Kosovo visit EULEX

09 April 2019

Today, the Deputy Head of Mission, Bernd Thran, met with a group of students from both Kosovo and Germany to hold a discussion about the Mission’s work in the rule-of-law sector in Kosovo.

The students visited EULEX as part of an educational project that includes secondary schools in both Kosovo and Baden-Wuerttemberg, in Germany. In Kosovo, the schools from the cities of Drenas, Jabllanice e Vogel and Junik work in tandem with the schools in Baden-Württemberg from the cities of Engen, Stuttgart-Ostheim and Holzgerlingen.

The visit also allowed the students to ask the Deputy Head of Mission more about what EULEX is doing to support the Kosovo institutions in the fields of justice, police and law enforcement and how it contributes to the development of democratic and efficient rule-of-law institutions.