EULEX hosts University of Amsterdam students

17 June 2019

On 14 June, the Mission hosted some 30 students from the University of Amsterdam who engaged in a lively debate on EULEX’s work and activities with the Head of Press Office and Spokesperson Ioanna Lachana, Head of Monitoring Pillar Johanna Valenius, and Political Officer Naim Hajdari.

Through thought-provoking questions and active participation, the well-prepared students learned more about the mandate of EULEX and brought into focus the work of the Case Monitoring Unit and the change in the Mission’s executive mandate in the judiciary, which ended in June 2018. The students were also interested in learning more about EULEX’s Formed Police Unit and its cooperation with the Kosovo Police, as well as the ways the Mission communicates its mandate and activities to both Kosovo and the international public.

See you next time, University of Amsterdam!