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Leading Women in the Security Sector – Meet Zyrafete Imeraj

A regular working day for Zyrafete is anything but ordinary. As the Deputy Director of the Detention Center in Peja/Peć, her day begins with a full 24-hour report on the overall situation in the centre.

“Violence remains violence and it should not be tolerated. Report it!“ – Meet Sergeant Xhemile Behluli

Inspired by her father Sejdi Behluli, a former police officer, Sergeant Xhemile Behluli’s career path was crystal clear at a very young age.

Against the odds – Ritva Vahakoski leads us through her rich career journey in the correctional service

“Cell 21”, an autobiographic story of a prisoner in Finland, triggered the extraordinary desire of the then 19-year old Ritva to explore the challenging world of the correctional services.

One of Kosovo Police’s first women in uniform – Colonel Aferdita Mikullovci

“Remember why you started,” reads the quote hanging on a wall in the South Mitrovica police station. Whenever Aferdita looks at this simple...

Women and men together in the quest for gender equality – Meet our Chiara Tagliani

The first thing you notice about Chiara is her contagious smile that transmits her fragile, yet intense beauty. But underneath that fragility there is a strong character that reflects a contemporary woman: powerful and resilient.

Breaking the Silence: Feride Rushiti reveals two decades of work with torture survivors

Life happens while we are busy making plans. So we’re told. And at times life has a bigger, greater plan for us. Such is, Feride Rushiti’s journey towards...

Life’s challenges bring the best outcomes - Meet Natalie Dawson

Working hard and challenging herself has been a key theme throughout Natalie Dawson’s personal and professional life.

Smile, Work and Explore – Meet Yulia Netesova

When she was born in a remote academic town in Siberia, then part of Soviet Union, Yulia’s family was convinced that she would follow the trodden footsteps...

If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be a part of a Revolution – Igballe Igo Rogova

If eyes could tell a story, hers would – in fact hundreds of stories. Igballe Rogova, known as Igo, gives you that impression during the first moments you meet.

From Holland to Pristina: Meet Jenny Filet

Whilst riding her motorbike from the canal streets of Amsterdam back home to Hoorn, Jenny Filet considered the prospect of leaving Holland to take on a new challenge.