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From Kosovo to Ramallah - Meet Sandra Gudaityte

When life’s challenges are approaching, many would be preoccupied with fear and apprehension. EULEX legal officer Sandra Gudaityte, on the other hand, has only Trouble on her mind

Detective with a Flair - Meet Cindy Syes

As she had done every day for the past twenty years, Detective Cindy Syes walked into her office at the City of Dallas, Texas Police Department. But this time, in February 2007, she was truly overwhelmed.

IT Forensics – Solving Crime Within the 21ST Century Digital Highway

While IT forensics might not always be quite as exciting as it's made to seem on TV – forensics examiners do not physically hunt down criminals or put themselves in the line of fire – IT forensics is an important part of the investigative process.

From Little Rock to Pristina - Meet Jacqueline Smith

Have you ever listened to stories of unsung heroes? Those diehard police officers that patrol the streets, invisible in their efforts to keep us safe? Are you aware of their reassuring smiles that make you feel the world we live in is not going to slide from the edge of a cliff?

In Between Justice and Music – Meet Vjollca Kroci-Gerxhaliu

Born and raised in Prizren, an ancient city where art and history influence the generations, played a significant role in making who she is today.

Justice is a Puzzle

Strolling through the Kerry beach in the South West of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, two years ago Cathy Houlihan reflected on her next career goal.

Drita Hajdari: Silence is a crime

Be it the mountains of Kosovo, the fields of Albania, the lakes of Montenegro, Ms Drita Hajdari explores them all. Adoring the nature, Drita loves to go hiking and does it almost every weekend.

Agata Szymanska – Why Gender Equality is not a matter of why, but how

Walk into Baba Ghanoush during the blistering cold in Pristina, you may find warmth, vegetarian delights, and friends immersed in a contagious, heartfelt laugh.

Woman in blue uniform making a difference

Preserving the crime scene and collecting forensic evidence, even if it’s a fingerprint or a shoe impression, a piece of hair or a fiber, could make a difference whether an alleged criminal walks free or faces trial for committing a crime.

Pro-actively Advocating International Law and Human Rights: meet Marianne Fennema

Providing EULEX with legal advice on a daily basis related to various, complex and quite important matters is how a working day looks like for Marianne Fennema.