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EULEX Mission on Request by Local Authorities to Waive the Immunity of a Former Staff Member

11 November 2015

The EULEX Mission reiterates that it has received a request from Kosovo authorities to waive the immunity of a former staff member. The request was processed in line with standard established procedures. A request to waive immunity can only be made by local authorities upon request of the prosecutor investigating the case. A decision whether to waive a staff member’s immunity ultimately is made by the High Representative in Brussels and is therefore beyond the control of the Mission and/or any of its staff members. No criminal investigation has been initiated by Jaroslava Novotna nor Claudio Pala.

The relevant prosecution authority in this instance is the Office of the Kosovo State Prosecutor. All future media enquiries should be addressed there as this case was initiated by the Office of the State Prosecutor and not by EULEX. 


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