Summer Kids Academy experience in EULEX

19 July 2019

The warm and quiet summer days of July have turned out to be very lively thanks to our youngest visitors ever these last two days. 

Moot court, mock press conference, demonstration of how our medical team performs basic life support techniques to save lives, were all a part of a two-day study visit that EULEX prepared for our youngest audience. 80 elementary school children who are attending the American Advising Center Kids Summer Academy in Pristina visited our Mission on 17 and 18 July and made our summer days more colourful with many insightful questions, comments and curiosity about EULEX and the European Union.

We even got to select the best Wonder Woman and Spiderman in a mock staff selection process, to demonstrate how challenging and rewarding recruitment practises can be. 

It is the first time that the children visited EULEX and we kindly asked them to anonymously draw or write on a piece of paper the first thought or thing that comes into their minds about EULEX, now that they have come to see us. Undoubtedly kids can be the most challenging audience, but, nonetheless, the most sincere too. We received many happy thoughts, positive comments and beautiful drawings.

The fun exercises that we conducted for our youngest audience also conveyed educational messages on what our mandate was, how it is now, as well as basic facts about the European Union. They got to test some of their newly acquired knowledge through a short quiz. This sparked their positive competitive spirit to test and challenge themselves and also win customized EULEX promotional materials dedicated exclusively to them.