EULEX donation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

25 July 2019

On 25 July, EULEX Acting Head of Mission, Bernd Thran handed over five vehicles and office equipment to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the Civil Registration Agency.

The donation agreement – which consisted of three Nissan Pathfinders, one Nissan Patrol, one Fiat van, as well as different types of office equipment – was signed by Minister of Internal Affairs Ekrem Mustafa and EULEX Acting Head Bernd Thran.

Minister Mustafa expressed his gratitude for the long-standing cooperation with EULEX. “Our goal is to strengthen and integrate the institutions and people in the northern part of Kosovo. Thanks to EULEX, this donation will be used in those municipalities and will serve the Kosovo people there,” said Minister Mustafa.

Acting Head of EULEX expressed his conviction that the donated vehicles and office equipment will be put to good use by the Kosovo authorities, adding that the Mission will remain committed to supporting Kosovo rule of law institutions in strengthening their capacities.