EULEX organizes roundtable discussion on women’s empowerment with the Kosovo Correctional Service Women Association

02 August 2019

On 31 July, EULEX hosted a roundtable discussion with representatives of the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) Women Association to discuss the impact of the activities of a EULEX-implemented project on women’s empowerment, and to exchange views on the benefits the establishment of the KCS Women Association brought to female correctional staff.

EULEX Project Manager and Transition Coordination Alina Matache stressed that thanks to the EULEX project, female KCS staff were able to attend several tailored workshops and training courses and had the opportunity to participate in a study visit to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. “The active involvement and participation of female correctional staff to these workshops helped them improve their professional skills and acquire the necessary tools for their career development. The study visit to Sweden was inspirational and motivational as they brought home a number of good best practices,” said Matache.

The President of the KCS Women Association, Zyrafete Imeraj, said that the specialized training courses, as well as the study visit to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service were very beneficial to female correctional staff. “Thanks to our participation to tailored workshops and the study visit to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, we managed to promote the KCS Women association to Kosovo and abroad,” said Imeraj.

Head of EULEX Monitoring Pillar, Johanna Valenius, stressed that EULEX supports Kosovo institutions, including KCS, to achieve tangible results towards gender equality. “Through our work, we provide tangible support to the KCS to empower its female staff,” said Valenius, adding that EULEX is committed to integrating a gender perspective into its work and activities, supporting in practice the EU action towards the promotion of gender equality in line with the EU Gender Action Plan 2016-2020.