EULEX AHoM’s lecture at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

15 August 2019

On 14 August, the Acting Head of EULEX, Bernd Thran, delivered a lecture on “Peacebuilding in Post -Conflict Areas: Diplomacy, Leadership and Negotiations-the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo” at the 7th edition of the Kosovo International Summer Academy.

During his speech, AHoM briefed some 60 international participants on EULEX’s structure and mandate, as well as on the Mission’s work in assisting the Kosovo authorities in establishing sustainable and independent rule of law institutions.

“EULEX works in close cooperation with Kosovo institutions and is here to support them as they take over more responsibility in the rule of law,” said Thran, adding that in June 2018, EULEX made a clear change from its executive mandate in the judiciary to supporting Kosovo’s reform process in the rule of law.

The session was attended by some 60 participants from around the world, who engaged in a lively discussion with the AHoM on the challenges of implementing EULEX’s mandate.