EULEX attends Gender Focal Points Annual Meeting in Brussels

31 October 2019

From 28 to 31 October, EULEX Gender-Based Violence Thematic Lead Monitor, Chiara Tagliani, attended the Gender Focal Points Annual Meeting in Brussels.

The meeting brought together all Gender Focal Points from EU Delegations and Headquarters, as well as the Gender Focal Points and Gender Advisers from the European External Action Service and CSDP Missions and Operations.

During the event several topics were discussed, such as the implementation and findings of the Gender Action Plan II (GAP II) and the expectations from GAP III, the inclusion of a gender mainstreaming perspective in all actions, programming and projects, the role of media in addressing gender-based violence, the issue of gender mainstreaming in the justice sector, how to build a gender focal point network, and how to design a sustainable programme in the field of gender-based violence.