EULEX blood donation campaign - A simple act can create smiles

24 February 2020

Medicine has proven that a pint of blood can save up to three lives. This element is one of the driving forces in promoting the culture of volunteer blood donation, which has now become a tradition in EULEX. Twice a year, in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Centre of Kosovo, the Mission’s Medical Unit organizes a blood donation campaign.

Dr. Cristina Anghelescu, Head of EULEX’s Medical Unit, explains how they organize the blood donation in the Mission’s clinic to provide a friendly environment for the donors. “For the medical team, the day of the blood donation campaign is always special. We have the opportunity to interact with our colleagues from the National Blood Transfusion Center, who became our friends throughout the years of cooperation. The donors are treated as our special guests. We are grateful for their generosity,” says Dr. Anghelescu.

Melinda Gjocaj from the National Blood Transfusion Center, a long-standing partner of EULEX in this important campaign, said: “This campaign has become very unique because of the great work and cooperation that we have had over the years. We actually feel like home here. EULEX has made a significant contribution to our medical centers by donating blood. It is also great to see that the number of donors is increasing each year.”

Around 10 percent of the EULEX’s staff are active blood donors. The number of new and first-time donors is significantly growing each year.