EULEX donates IT equipment to the Civil Registration Agency

09 March 2020

On 9 March, EULEX handed over 200 computers, laptops and printers to the Civil Registration Agency (CRA) to help them provide better services to all Kosovo citizens.

The General Director of CRA, Bekim Hoxha, thanked EULEX for the donation and said: “This is the third donation we are receiving from EULEX. Thanks to those donations, we have managed to enhance our performance and we will further improve the services we provide to citizens throughout Kosovo, including in the north.”

This donation is a continuation of EULEX’s support to CRA. In the past, EULEX supported Kosovo to establish a reliable civil registry, as part of a project to implement the EU-facilitated dialogue agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on civil registry books. During the process of certification, a total of 12,391 copies of civil status registry books have been certified and handed over to the Kosovo authorities.

Today, EULEX continues to provide technical support to the implementation of the EU-facilitated
Freedom of Movement Agreement.