EULEX Formed Police Unit, Kosovo’s second security responder

15 April 2020

EULEX’s Formed Police Unit is Kosovo’s second security responder. It is part of a three-layer security responder mechanism where Kosovo Police is the first security responder, EULEX is the second one and KFoR is the third one. Through its Formed Police Unit, EULEX continues to support Kosovo Police’s crowd-and-riot control capacities through the organization of training exercises. The principle of use of legal force is central to such exercises, which serve as an opportunity for the three security responders to practice coordinating and cooperating in their respective roles, ensuring readiness as Kosovo’s security responders. Such exercises are also an opportunity for the Kosovo Police to gain hands-on experience in crowd-and-riot-control scenarios.

EULEX’s Formed Police Unit also trains regularly to maintain its rapid intervention capacity and carries out constant 7 days a week reconnaissance patrols.