The EU Rule of Law Mission launches the “Speak Up on Time” media campaign

19 May 2020

On 19 May, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) launched the “Speak Up on Time” media campaign on the importance of biological evidence preservation in sexual violence cases. 
The media campaign is part of an ongoing online and offline awareness raising campaign implemented by EULEX and the Kosovo Institute of Forensic Medicine aiming at helping  sexual violence victims get justice by preserving biological evidence. Through a TV spot and an online ad, EULEX asks sexual violence victims to immediately report the case to the police. In order to preserve crucial biological evidence, which will help bring the perpetrator to justice, the Mission asks sexual violence victims not to take a shower, not to brush their teeth, not to change their clothes and not to clean up. To get help, sexual violence victims are also encouraged to call toll free 080011112, the Victims’ Advocate Office. Sexual violence victims can call toll free 080011777 to get free legal aid.
Speak Up on Time – Sexual violence is a crime.
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