EU Rule of Law Mission Head visits the Mutivodë/Mutivode Common Crossing Point

30 November 2020

On 26 November, the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, together with Umerr Arthur Al-Khatib, Political Adviser to EU Special Representative for the Dialogue Belgrade-Pristina, and Alan Wilson, EULEX’s Senior Integrated Border Management Adviser, visited the EU-funded Mutivodë/Mutivode Common Crossing Point (CCP), one of the six CCPs established as part of the  Dialogue agreed IBM Technical Protocol signed by both Parties in February 2012.

During his visit to this state-of-the-art in terms of resilient construction, functionality and environmental sustainability CCP, Wigemark noted: “Unlike the similar CCP at Merdare, which became fully operational in October, in Mutivodë/Mutivode the Serbian police and customs are still made to sit in old and poorly equipped containers.” 

In line with its mandate, EULEX continues to provide technical support to the implementation of relevant agreements of the EU-facilitated Dialogue on normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina. The Mission assists the two parties with the implementation of the IBM Technical Protocol through monitoring, mentoring and advising at strategic level, as well as with the implementation of the Freedom of Movement agreements. After having successfully facilitated the integration of Kosovo Serb judges, prosecutors, and support staff in the Kosovo justice system, the Mission continues to support and advise the President of the Mitrovica Basic Court and the Head of the Court of Appeals Division in Mitrovica on the implementation of the EU-facilitated Justice Agreement and its Agreed Conclusions.