Forum for Leadership and Diplomacy group visits EULEX

02 March 2021

On 1 March, a vibrant and diverse group from the NGO Forum for Leadership and Diplomacy came for a study visit to the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) headquarters.

The Mission prepared a tailored program for the students and gave them the opportunity to learn and discuss various topics, including access to justice and how Kosovo’s justice system works, gender-based violence cases and reporting mechanisms, human rights, as well as property rights.

Practical skills on how to prepare a job application for an international organization were also presented to the students who had the chance to ask many useful questions and receive tips and tricks on how to prepare a successful job application.  

Through live, interactive and engaging exercises in communication skills, the students had the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and to identify the areas they should work more on when communicating to their colleagues and audiences.

The study visit concluded with an engaging discussion with our Head of Mission, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, who shared his personal career journey and gave the students an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics, including their concerns and their hopes for the future.