EULEX supports the Kosovo Correctional Service’s outreach campaign

19 March 2021


The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) is supporting the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) in designing and implementing a Kosovo-wide media and social media campaign to inform the public about the work of this institution. 

Eleven TV stations and fourteen online media portals will be airing a video featuring the Director of the Kosovo Correctional Service, Nehat Thaçi, who spoke about KCS’s mission to facilitate the reintegration and the successful return of prisoners back to their communities.

“Prisoners are not numbers. ‘They’ could be ‘yours’. After serving their sentence, they return to their homes and communities. They are someone’s child, relative, friend, colleague, partner or neighbour. We are working to facilitate the reintegration and their successful return to their communities. We respect their fundamental rights. This is the Mission of the Kosovo Correctional Service,” stresses Nehat Thaçi. 

Five videos which portray various strands of KCS’s work will also be featured on the social media channels of the KCS and EULEX. These videos focus on:

How the KCS is dealing with COVID-19

The work of the Correctional Center in Lipjan/Lipljan

How the KCS helps sentenced persons develop their skills

The activities of economy units

The role of the Prisoners’ Escort Unit. 

In line with its mandate, EULEX also assists the KCS in focusing more on prisoners’ rehabilitation and the prevention of reoffending, as well as in strengthening its capacity to counter undue interference and preferential treatment of prisoners. The Mission also supports KCS’s efforts to develop a professional senior management team through monitoring, mentoring and advising.