EULEX welcomes the adoption of the Rule of Law Strategy 2021-2026 by the Government of Kosovo

16 August 2021

In light of the newly approved Rule of Law Strategy 2021-2026 by the Government of Kosovo, the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo is pleased to have contributed along the process that yielded to this significant outcome.

The Rule of Law Strategy, which will aim to strengthen the Kosovo justice system on all its levels, specifically refers to the EULEX Special Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Rule of Law in Kosovo. A special emphasis is given to the Findings and Recommendations that refer to the limited use of video conferencing in cases, particularly in criminal cases, and the need they should be properly regulated by law.

EULEX’s Special Report identifies the challenges posed by the pandemic and provides an in-depth analysis of the main issues arising and lessons learned. It also offers concrete and actionable recommendations for the Kosovo rule-of-law system to better respond to the ongoing health crisis.

This report is a result of the systemic and thematic monitoring of Kosovo’s criminal and civil justice and as such, is a testament to the commitment, professionalism and resilience of many Kosovo police investigators, judges, prosecutors, correctional officers and other rule-of-law personnel, who have been working relentlessly throughout the pandemic to serve justice under difficult circumstances.