EULEX and Youth Initiative for Human Rights-Kosovo partner up to train law students on how to teach justice to children

13 January 2023

On 13 January, the project “Youth Empowerment – Enhancing Human Rights and Rule of Law Education in Schools”, supported by the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) and implemented by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo,  kicked off with a three-day training for ten law students, who are expected to deliver justice lectures for elementary school pupils.

Since the goal of the project is to raise awareness among children of the complex notions of human rights and the rule of law, the project started with a training on how to explain such fundamental concepts in a simple and engaging way.

EULEX Justice Monitor Diana Mocilnik-Draghina presented to the participants the mandate of the Mission in monitoring Kosovo’s entire justice chain, with a specific focus on the work of the Case Monitoring Unit, while the Executive Director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Office in Kosovo, Marigona Shabiu, introduced the project and pointed out the importance of being equipped with appropriate presentation skills and a proper understanding of the justice system and human rights to effectively transmit this knowledge to others.

During the training, the participants got familiar with public speaking techniques and tested different lecturing methodologies, specifically targeting elementary school-age pupils.

The next phase of the project envisages a similar, parallel training for civic education teachers, who are directly involved in teaching justice and human rights in elementary schools.