EULEX hosts a group of police officers from Germany

26 April

On 26 April 2023, a group of 17 police officers from Germany visited our Mission Headquarters and our Center in Mitrovica. They were greeted by Ioanna Lachana, Head of Press and Public Information Office and Spokesperson, who familiarized the visitors with the mandate of the Mission and how it has evolved over the last decade. The visitors also had the opportunity to be briefed by Hubert van Eck Koster, Chief of Case Monitoring Unit, who explained the unique mandate of this unit, namely the robust monitoring of the entire Kosovo justice system. The deployment to Common Security and Defence Policy Missions and career opportunities in EULEX were presented by Anita Janassary, Head of Human Resources Division and Hans-Jochen Mertins, Situation Centre Operations Officer.

The day concluded with a visit to the EULEX Centre in Mitrovica, which is the base of EULEX’s Formed Police Unit (FPU). The visitors were briefed by the FPU Commander who also showed them around the base where they had the chance to learn more about the daily work of the FPU.