EULEX Supports the Kosovo Probation Service’s Awareness Raising Campaign

31 July 2023

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) has supported the Kosovo Probation Service (KPS) in designing and implementing a digital campaign to inform the public about their work and mandate in organizing, implementing and supervising the execution of alternative measures and sentences, thus promoting the process of rehabilitation and resocialization of convicted persons.

The campaign was centred around the key message: “Because everyone deserves a second chance,” and six short videos were produced to explain the complex mandate of the Agency.

The Mission of KPS

The General Director of KPS, Arsim Tahiri, explains how the institution that he leads is helping reduce crime, prevent recidivism, and make the punishment more humane, in line with a vision to offer more security and more inclusiveness for the communities and for the persons they work with.

Rehabilitation is the ultimate goal of any prison sentence

The video focuses on conditional release as one of the most effective and constructive means to prevent reoffending.

Diversion measures, no court proceedings

The KPS’s General Director, Arsim Tahiri, explains the importance of diversion measures in juvenile justice, explaining that the minor’s best interests shall prevail.

Alternative measures

The role of the Kosovo Probation Service to provide alternatives to imprisonment to support rehabilitation and resocialization of offenders.

Kosovo Probation Service’s work with conditionally released persons

The Probation Officer Lirije Ibraj explains the role of the Kosovo Probation Service in supervising and helping those conditionally released reintegrate into the society.

Statement of the Kosovo Minister of Justice on the Kosovo Probation Service

The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, gives a strong message on the work of the Kosovo Probation Service to help rehabilitate perpetrators of gender-based violence.

The awareness raising campaign was implemented under the EULEX’s small-scale project “Awareness Raising campaign for the Kosovo Probation Service”, in line with the Mission’s role to support the KPS in promoting the significance of an effective use of alternative measures as an option to incarceration, when aiming at the best possible rehabilitation and resocialization of offenders, in line with international standards.