EULEX facilitates a workshop to discuss challenges in the application of amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code.

24 February

On 24 February, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), in cooperation with the Kosovo Bar Association – Mitrovica Branch, organized a workshop with 32 lawyers, judges and legal advisers to address the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code,  and the challenges encountered during the first year of its application. The workshop focused in particular on: trial in absentia, sentencing hearing, seizure and confiscation.

The President of the Kosovo Bar Association, Behar Ejupi thanked EULEX for organizing the workshop and recalled the commitment of the Kosovo Bar Association to continuing its efforts to respond in the best possible way to the multiple issues raised during the joint discussions.  

As the participants reflected on the work done in the past year, they also shared views on how the new amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code had a positive impact on the justice system, if they have helped strengthen the rule of law, enhance procedural fairness, and further promote human rights.

The EULEX Advisor to the Chief Prosecutor of Mitrovica Basic Prosecution Office, Meda Petronela Grama highlighted that it is essential to aim for a precise and unified application of the legal provisions in order to increase the quality of the legal act and the public's trust in legal professionals, ensuring transparency and a system free from interference.

 “Today's occasion does not only reflects our commitment to enhancing the rule of law but also emphasizes the role of the defense in ensuring fair proceedings,” Grama said.