EULEX Correctional Unit trains Kosovo Correctional Service Officers on anti-substance abuse

05 April

As part of its support to the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) in addressing misuse of drugs in prison through the development of an anti-substance abuse strategy, from 25 March to 5 April 2024, the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) has organized a series of two-day introductory training sessions on anti-substance abuse for a total of 104 Kosovo Correctional Service’s Officers.

The training sessions were delivered by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s Security Expert, Martin Wallin, together with EULEX Correctional Monitors, Albert Gegaj and Petri Ravander, and they included both a theoretical part and practical demonstrations of how to conduct rapid drug tests, held at different correctional facilities across Kosovo.

"Contraband attempts of illegal substances in correctional institutions as well as substance abuse by prisoners have serious repercussions on the effectiveness of rehabilitation and reintegration activities,” explains EULEX Correctional Monitor, Albert Gegaj, pointing out that the Mission is currently supporting KCS in developing a comprehensive strategy for the detection, control and verification of the use of narcotics, in order to enable all prisoners in KCS with substance-abuse addiction to be identified, assessed, and motivated for treatment and rehabilitation.

“The implementation of drug-testing for use of illegal substances is a highly needed tool, which is expected to create a safer environment for both staff and prisoners,” highlights the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s Security Expert, Martin Wallin, confirming the very positive feedback he received by participants.  

The training was organized under the EULEX small scale project “Establishing an anti-substance abuse and addiction strategy in the Kosovo Correctional Service”.